Hey, welcome to my calligraphy blog. My name is Diana and I write calligraphy as a hobby. If you have enquiries regarding ink calligraphy or selfmade hand letterings then please drop me a line.

My calligraphy work is perfect for weddings cards and invites, framed on colourful paper as a birthday present, or just for handwritten envelopes to your dearest ones.

Please keep in mind that calligraphy is just a hobby for me. I will try to reply quickly but sometimes it can take longer to answer your enquiry due to my 9-5 job. But I promise that I will reply.

Always, Diana


E-Mail: berlin_kalligraphie@web.de
Web: www.berlin-kalligraphie.de
Instagram: @berlin_kalligraphie


Fine calligraphy blog based in Berlin, Germany


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